Quick facts


Malmö, Sweden, in an area known as “Medicon Valley”. It is the home of hundreds of life-science companies, with an infrastructure to match. There are also 17 universities in the area offering pharmaceutical and related programs.

Facility size

35,000 m²



Quality system

Covers GMP requirements as defined by the ICH, WHO and ISO for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and combination products.

Regulatory approvals

FDA, PMDA, EMA, MPA (Sweden)

Credit rating

AAA (along with only 1.4 % of all Swedish corporations, which are deemed totally financially trustworthy, with the highest trustworthiness in financial terms and management).


Nordic Group BV, a pharma corporation focusing on:

  • Marketing and sales of speciality pharmaceuticals
  • Specialised pharmaceutical services with emphasis on product development, manufacturing, supply logistics and regulatory activities
  • nordicpharmagroup.com

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