Analytical equipment and technologies

We have equipment for analysing the most common formulation types, e.g. immediate release tablets, modified release tablets. We also have equipment for analysing polymeric long term formulations with regards to physical properties and in vitro release rates.

We have analytical equipment ranging from UPLC, HPLC with a variety of detectors, Dissolution (USP 1 and 2), in vitro release testing of vaginal rings, GC, IR, rheometry, particle size by laser diffraction, Material Tester with Extensometer, Durometer hardness tester (Shore A, AM, and D) and UV Spectrophotometry.

We use powerful software such as JMP by SAS, Minitab, MODDE and SIMCA for Data Analysis, statistical evaluation and Design of Experiments. Empower 3 FR2 is used as Chromatography Data System (CDS).