Why should you choose QPharma as your preferred development partner?

One answer to this question is our long-standing experience in the technologically demanding area of polymer-based delivery systems. In this area experience makes the difference for the following reasons:

  • explicit dosage form-related regulatory guidance is lacking;
  • selection and sourcing of polymeric excipients is an expertise in itself;
  • interactions between polymer and drug substance, etc. may be complex.

Another answer can be found in our unique (co)-extrusion capabilities, our readiness to manufacture investigational medicinal products for clinical trials and our ability to handle drugs in the highest occupational exposure bands.

We have also submitted a number of patent applications for new drug delivery systems and methods of manufacture:

  • An intravaginal ring device, and a method of reducing the rate of diffusion of active ingredients in said intravaginal device, WO 2014/122563 A1
  • A drug delivery system for one or more active ingredients, US 2016/0136402 A1
  • An insertable mould assembly, a substrate and an injection moulding tool for the insertable mould assembly, method of using the insertable mould assembly and the injection moulding tool, objects obtained using same, and uses of the objects, WO 2016/037640 A1