Safety, health and environment

We recognize the importance of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) and therefore it is of highest priority. Department managers have formal responsibility for SHE within their departments and are supported in this area by the SHE organisation.

The SHE Department covers a range of areas, including fire protection, occupational safety, chemical handling, process safety and environmental issues concerning air, land and water. We support with the necessary information, investigations or training in order to enable each department to take their own responsibility within SHE.

We ensure that our production activities avoid any negative impact on people or the environment. We work for prevention and continuous improvement to ensure that risks to employees as well as environmental impact will be minimized. We recognise the requirements from Swedish authorities for air, land and water as minimum requirements and work to outperform these with a good margin. We control our air emissions to meet the environmental requirements for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and also follow environmental regulations for water emissions and waste management.

We work locally with the city of Malmö and welcome SHE audits.