When you’re working with QPharma, you’re working with the experts in pharmaceutical development who make you feel like you are part of the QPharma family and not just a client.

Having worked with QPharma colleagues for several years now, I can be nothing else than positive. Skilled, culturally similar and friendly are the assets that come to mind. Co-operating with QPharma on mutual projects is a pleasure.

We recently transferred a product that was developed in India to QPharma. Selection of the right partner for any process transfer to be successful is crucial and with QPharma we made the right choice. Obviously, expertise, infrastructure and the presence of highly qualified personal is very important, but the most important factor during a transfer is the development of a good working relationship between all parties involved. A transfer is teamwork and in this case four different teams in four different countries had to work as one. QPharma did a very good job by assigning an excellent, knowledgeable, open minded, cooperative, honest and pro-active project manager as representative. In short, the contact person everyone would like to work with. In addition, on the technical level, communication and cooperation between the members of each team was excellent as well. As a result, the transfer project was completed in time and within budget and as planned the product was launched in the first European country about two months after Marketing Approval.

Nordic Pharma Group

QPharma has been a valued partner of Population Council for over a decade.  They are rapidly becoming a major producer of women’s health and other products, and we rely on their expertise and insight in our continued collaborations.

Population Council

International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM) and QPharma have been working together since 2010 to develop the manufacturing process for the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring. As the monthly Dapivirine Vaginal Ring is now undergoing regulatory review, we are continuing our partnership to prepare for commercial launch of the ring.

QPharma is also working with IPM on next generation Dapivirine rings which are important to the field as they would not only offer additional options to women for sustained HIV risk reduction but also reduce annual costs.

QPharma staff across all disciplines have worked collaboratively with IPM experts, and demonstrated their ability to develop and manufacture vaginal ring products to promote women’s health.

International Partnership for Microbicides